A complete encyclopaedia for your PDA with just a single click

Tired of coming across words, both in the Net and in the software you use, that you´ve never seen before?

Gone are the days of endless searching on the net. Enter GuruNet: a full encyclopaedia (amplified with many more information services) that provides you with quick and efficient answers with just one click.

GuruNet shares the same philosophy as the renowned Babylon and is really so simple to use. Here's how it works: you see a word you don´t understand, you click on it and hey presto!, all the information that GuruNet has about this word appears before your eyes. What's more, you can use it while browsing in the web or if any of the applications you usually use in Windows.

The language of the interface can be changed according to the user, but all information about the words you look up will be in English. But don't worry, the makers of GuruNet have very cleverly added a translator, so you can translate the information into the language of your choice.

This is especially a very useful tool for those that speak some English and that are looking for information about a word or term, so that he/she will get the complete meaning of the actual word.

GuruNet is not just a simple encyclopaedia; it provides the meaning of words, their translations into several languages aswell as related web sites and books. It even includes information services such as the weather forecast. GuruNet is just the beginning of what the future in informatics holds for us.



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